Heartland Care Center
604 E Fenton
Marcus, IA 51035

Serving the surrounding areas in long term nursing home care and assist living since 1994

Heartland Care Center 
604 E. Fenton St. 
Marcus, Iowa 51035
(712) 376 - 2500

Heartland Care Center Activities
Below are the links to all of our calendars, newsletter, monthly recipes, and big events that are happening at Heartland Care Center!  Our activity program is a well designed program that is made individually for each resident's needs.  From large group activities, small group activities, and 1-on-1 interactions, we cater to every resident and their liking to activities!  

We LOVE our volunteers! Being a community owned facility, we have amazing volunteers who help with activities, church services, and outings! If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact us at 376 - 2500 or stop in to visit with our activity director. 

July's Activities Calendar                     July's Monthly Newsletter

July's Dietary Menu                                Recipe of the Month!

Quote of the Month...

"Happiness is letting go 
Of what you think your life is
Supposed to look like and 
Celebrating it for 
Everything that it is!” 

By Susie Meehan, 
Supervisor of Housekeeping and Laundry 

Activity Calendar is subject to change from day-to-day!