Heartland Care Center,  604 E Fenton Marcus IA 51035(712)376-2500heartland@midlands.net

The Heartland Care Center is a not for profit facility. From 1990-1995 over six hundred supporters donated in excess of one million dollars for its construction and operation. Its sole purpose is to serve the residents and their families. The supporters of this facility gave much time, effort and money and its success stands as a tribute to their perseverance.

Heartland is located on the south east corner of Marcus, Iowa in Cherokee county. This facility opened it's doors August 1994. The community of Marcus recognized a need and pursued it's dream until it became a reality. That passion for commitment continues today in the form of volunteerism that enhances our residents lives.

Heartland has a nine (9) member Board of Directors that meets monthly to oversee the management of the facility.

We have a very active "Heartland Auxiliary" that meets monthly and also visits each resident to ensure that their needs are being met.
Community support is even passed down to the school children as they have a group of Jr Volunteers that come after school and pass water to the residents. Because our school is located "just across the street" we are presented with many programs by the grade school.