Heartland Care Center
604 E Fenton
Marcus, IA 51035
A Multi-Level Approach
To Senior Housing

Heartland is a non profit facility.  From 1990-1995 over six hundred supporters donated in excess of one million dollars for its construction and operation.  Its sole purpose is to serve the residents and their families.  The supporters of this facility gave much time, effort, and money and its success stands as a tribute to their perseverance.

Heartland is located on the south east corner of Marcus, Iowa in Cherokee county.  The facility opened its doors August 1994.  The community of Marcus recognized a need and pursued it's dream until it became a reality.  That passion for commitment continues today in the form of volunteerism that enhances our residents lives.

Heartland has a nine member Board of Directors that meet monthly to oversee the management of the facility.
Our Philosophy:
Heartland is dedicated to providing quality care in a safe, comfortable environment.  We are committed to the promotion of health and the advancement of growth for residents admitted to this facility. 
Heartland Care Center 604 E Fenton Marcus, IA 51035                (712) 376-2500                    heartland@midlands.net
** A Multi-Level Approach To Senior Housing**

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